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This new Consultation Service offers you the opportunity to pick my brains on anything at all related to canine nutrition and herbs for dogs, via email, for a period of 90 minutes.

On my groups and here at the blog, I do my best to answer questions, especially those that can be handled easily in a few lines. But often, more is needed – more time, more detail and more personal attention.  Some people want to know which commercial diet might be ideal for their dog, or how to “top up” kibble wisely, with maximum health benefit. Others are starting a herb garden and want to know which herbs to grow, or how to stock up a home apothecary, or which herbs can be used to help support health in a healthy dog. Many have home cooking questions, about temperature, storage, food safety and more. The point of this Service is to offer my clients my undivided attention for as many questions as I can answer in 90 minutes of exchange. It allows me to focus, and provide answers to a range of questions,  and I can generally schedule a booking much more quickly than I can book a Health consult (which is running at 5 weeks waiting time as of now).

The cost for this Service is $75.00 CAD

I look forward to “chatting” with you, and helping you find answers to your most pressing questions on canine nutrition and herbs for your dog!


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