It certainly has been a year! and a while since I added to this blog…with many ideas to share, but not enough time, I am looking forward to a new year of hope and healing, and more entries, more Newsletters! and catching up in general, with my many projects on the go.

Right now, many of us are in lockdown, and finding time on our hands (well not all of us, but I know some friends are feeling that) so this annual year-end sale may be even more timely for my dog-loving friends who have been “meaning to get started” with one or more of my courses.

From now till December 1, I’ll be offering the Full Certificate version of the Course Canine Dietary Formulation, at 50% off – plus, when you purchase, I will throw in an audit of the Basics of Canine Nutrition as well.

Here’s more information about these courses for you.

First, the Basics:

…and then, the Formulation, in which I walk you through the process of putting recipes together for your unique individual, using the NRC guidelines, and the freshest, most wholesome foods available.

(Note that it says $400.00, but right now you will get a code for 50% off, and access right away).

I know we are all having challenges right now, so I have kept this special offer going all month – but it really will close midnight November 30th – so take advantage while it lasts.This is a unique opportunity to work directly with me, as your tutor, to learn dietary formulation from the bottom up.  Pass it on! And above all, stay safe.
Feel free to send questions directly to me, at I’m always happy to help.