… because I do this every year – for the next ten days I am offering a special price on the two nutrition courses. (The Herbalism course already is at a rockbottom price, until the New year when it will be going up – so it’s staying as is). If you take one of the nutrition courses, you get 15% off, so the Basics of Canine Nutrition, usually $600.00, will be $510.00…and the Formulation course, usually $400.00 will be $340.00.  Also – if you wish to take them together, the really big discount is 25% off the pair, so instead of $1000.00 you pay just $750.00 for both.


Both courses are taught entirely online, are self paced, fully mentored and you have as long as you need to complete them. There are lively Facebook groups for students to chat and explore the material, too.  Several of my grads are going on to set up their own consulting business now with a solid grasp of the science,  as well as popular methods of feeding, and outstanding fluency in formulation to distinguish them from the rest. I am very proud of the content and value of these courses, and pleased to offer a seasonal discount, too.
For more information, please contact me at catlane@thepossiblecanine.com. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

To explore the course material  or enroll, visit my Courses Page here:https://thepossiblecanine.com/product-category/courses

I look forward to hearing from you!