Ok, I’m a little late with this – busy times here (like you can all relate to, hhmm?) so I’m extending the date we discussed on the group.
Starting today, as soon as this goes up, and right through till Sunday at midnight, I’m offering the following discount.

  1. 20% off any single course
  2.  30% off if you take two, any combination
  3.  40% (!!!) if you take all three.

So what that means is, you can take the Dietary Formulation, the foundation course (Basics of Canine Nutrition) and the Herbal course – a regular  $1400.00 value for just 840.00.  Or, you can take the Basics course and it’s follow-up, Formulation, for $700.00. Normally, those two would be $1000.00.  Or say you just want to take one for now – the Herbal course and the Formulation will be $320.00 instead of 400$, and you can save 120$ on the Basics course, so it will be 480.00$. In addition, the  tuition on all of the courses will be going up a little in the new year, so you will be saving on that extra if you take advantage of the Sale.

Two things – the sale doesn’t apply to Audits, and there is no payment plan here. Well, ok, if you are very strapped (and it is that time of year) I can take two payments, half now and half by the New Year, to reserve your space.

Remember that all courses are self-paced, so you can purchase now and start in the Spring. There is no time limit, although the students who turn in work regularly do  the best, in terms of mastery of the material. On average, the Basics course takes 18 months to complete, the Formulation about 12, and the same for the Herbal course.

I’m available for any questions you might have – shoot me an email or ask right here.
And I’ll see you in class. 🙂