Hello readers, this will be a very short post as I am typing lying down and that is one slow process. Many, but not all of you follow my Page and/or Timeline on Facebook, and are aware I suffered an excruciating back injury two weeks ago, that resulted first in hospitalization and then, since coming home, in almost total incapacitation.

This means I can stand up only a few minutes at a time with a walker, that I am on heavy pain management, and looking at “4-6 weeks” before any kind of normal life resumes.

Needless to say I have to postpone the remaining consults that were purchased at over 50% off, all of which are proactive. Priority for the bit of time I can work each day goes to puppy adjustments and serious therapeutic cases. Tutorials are on hold, although I am adding regularly to the material I can’t do the 8 hours a week chat time quite yet.

I appreciate your patience, compassion and understanding deeply. My body has been rebelling against my insane work hours all year but this last event was  not one I could try to work through. In aid of keeping my animals fed there will be a major sale on the nutrition courses (full) and I hope to be resuming work in a month. As always I will take complex cases and/or herbal clients, as I need to stay afloat, but there will be wait times. Thank you all for your support and I hope you never, ever have to experience pain on this level, not to mention loss of autonomy. My partner, animals and this walker, have kept me from losing it, so far.

Much love, Cat