Today I want to bring my readers up to date on a few changes here, as I’ve been delayed a fair bit, with computer woes, and may have appeared to disappear, for a while.
Early in March I finally switched computers after 8 years, and it has proved to be a real challenge.   With everything new from the keyboard to the operating system to Office to my email (I’m using Outlook now and it is very hard to  get used to) plus a few unforeseen hassles, I lost about two and a half weeks when I had anticipated a few days. This has set back the start date of the course, and has implications for clients as well. Here’s where we are at with both.

  1. The course date is tentatively set for May 15th. It may have to go as far as June 1, but I am hoping to launch May 15th. The Newsletter for the course is in progress and should be up and running by early next week. Students can check here, email me, or use the Facebook group to stay connected as well.

2. The pre-sale offer is extended until May 1st. I know some folks rushed to meet the original deadline, and I’m sorry about that… I think it’s only fair to extend the pre-sale since the start-up date has been delayed.

3. I’ve fallen behind with the extended, ongoing follow-up work that some clients signed up for. While nobody is in dire straits, I appreciate that it’s important to get caught up asap. The next few days are entirely focused on finalizing all the outstanding cases who are waiting for a third or fourth recipe or a supplement update or something similar.

4.  As for new cases, I am taking only selective clients right now, and once the course starts up I am, indeed, taking a badly overdue hiatus from consulting. That means the only follow-up I’ll be doing are puppy clients. I will be focusing on my courses, on completing my thesis, and on finally publishing my book series, after May 1. This likely means the rest of the year. I feel blessed to have some wonderful colleagues I can refer to, please send me an email via the Contact form if you need help over the summer/fall – I can steer you to the person(s) who can help.

For now, it’s at least two jobs to get caught up, and the course ready to launch, so bear with me. I have a detailed article on Urinary Tract Health due for Plant Healer later this month – and a houseful of my own animals – more on that in a separate post!
Happy Spring, everybody. I am so greatly looking forward to this course!