With so many self-styled dogfood “gurus” and such a mountain of (mis)information on the Internet, people who want to home prepare  meals for their dogs,  are often confused about what to feed. It’s critical  to ensure not only wholesome foods but balance and adequacy, and hard to know how to do both… As a clinical nutritionist specialising in therapeutic diet, I see the hard cases every day – and many of these, sadly, are dogs who have been fed “a raw natural diet, like wolves eat” or else a home cooked version that lacks the necessary supplementation to be balanced.  Overtime, both these scenarios create problems and sometimes, severe ones. So how does one go about making sure any home prepared diet they feed is balanced and optimal?

This course will show you how. Instead of following a recipe, or relying on vague and generic methods, you will be able to know exactly how much of each nutrient your dog requires, and how to provide them in the diet-  using foods that offer not just the essentials, but a range of healthful benefits. 12 weeks of learning and a lifetime of empowerment. At a one time superlow price. I look forward to being your guide every step of the way!



What you need to know

1) I am not a supporter of any one way of feeding, but encourage students, clients and readers to learn the nuts- and -bolts of nutrition – and then work with options. More than one way of feeding can work for a given dog, and the best foods alone will not guarantee dietary excellence. You will come away with clarity and choices.

2) This course will never again be offered at such an exceedingly low price. 🙂

3) All of the Formulations course is done online, and you have the option to work at your own pace, or keep up with the twelve week deadline and get your certificate more quickly. Everyone has unique demands on time and individual learning styles – my aim is to accommodate your needs.

4) I base the course on the very best science we currently have, but always remain respectful of individuality and what works. Optimal nutrition is always based on a combination of many factors and never on one simple, rhetorical ideal.

5) You do not need to be online at a specific time, although Tuesdays and Wednesdays are designated days for the course and I will be more quickly accessible those two days. All the materials – classnotes, exercises and assignments – are available to you at your convenience.

6) I offer a generous amount of individual support, so if you are stuck on something – there is a math component here but it is not at all difficult to learn – I will make the time to help you.

7) After the 7th, there is no more enrollment and no more special offer. I will need to focus on the course! Right now, feel free to email me at my business address – catlane@thepossiblecanine.com – for any questions this post and the original one fail to answer.




Dogs, are such a gift to us – and many doglovers fervently wish to provide the best nutrition for their unique individual. Is kibble ok? Is raw diet  really better? How does one formulate and balance a cooked  meal plan? Aren’t all the nutrients lost by cooking? Do carbs cause cancer? What foods are best to provide the essentials? Do I really need to supplement?

So may questions I deal with every day – my goal is that this course will provide answers to all of the above, and more.

Happy New Year! and I look forward to  hearing from you.