This will be a quick entry today, as I am spending the day getting ready for my workshop tomorrow  (Tree Medicine, here in Rupert). I wanted to let readers know that the newsletter is finally ready to go – a few challenges here and there but so far, so good!  Here’s what January has on offer.

In this issue, we’ll start with a few topics related to my recent blog entry on vegetables for dogs,using plantfoods for dogs in such a  way as to optimize health benefits and minimize potential drawbacks. There’s a bit about January’s e-book, which talks about obesity in dogs and how you can help your chubby guy or gal to slim down this coming year. Because I see so much cancer in dogs, and owners are usually only offered a narrow range of herbs and supplements as support, every issue I’ll share a herb supplement or dietary tip for prevention and management of canine cancer.

In addition, I’ll feature a Recipe of the Month, which could be anything from an immune-supportive nourishing broth, to a cool and creamy frozen treat for summer – and of course, a Herb of the Month as well, in which I’ll show you some beautiful, healing plants that are not as popular as the herbs of commerce we all know and love.


Every issue will address the questions  I hear every day, from doglovers around the net, about nutrition, supplements and herbs.  Here is where you sign up:

Feedback is welcome, as always. Have a great weekend!

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