Hello Readers, fellow Herbies and dog lovers! It’s been a while since I blogged, but today I have two important announcements  to make, so here we are. Today, I’d like to share with you, news about two new offerings from me, one a series of services, and the other, a Membership group on Facebook I think many of you will find very useful and informative.

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Offering One

First – a new service on offer, one I developed in direct response to feedback from my group members, clients and in conversation with dog lovers in general –a few weeks ago now, but I’ve had no time to circulate an announcement. I’m proud to offer the Wellness and Longevity Service – with four variations to suit a variety of needs – a service unique from anything I’ve offered before, and here’s why.

In past, I offered a few options, namely a single Proactive recipe, which could include extra recipes at a reduced cost, or a Single Therapeutic Recipe which is just what it says – one diet for a simple condition, such as some bladder stones or mild pancreatitis. My main service provides a couple of recipes (the number depends on the case) an individual herbal protocol, extensive material on all aspects of homemade diet and working with herbs, and follow up, to a maximum of five clinical hours. This is by far my most popular service, given the fact that many dogs with health issues need both nutrition and herbs, and I specialize in complex cases that require some time to adjust and finesse the recipes. It’s a comprehensive service, compared to the single recipes, and this left a gap – what about people whose dogs are not sick, are doing well, but would like a more comprehensive support service than *just* a recipe?

These clients have traditionally purchased a recipe and an Herbal consultation, but there are still restrictions on my time and the fee is *almost* that of what the more comprehensive Wellness options cost. I decided to do a version of my “Full service” – Diet and Herbs for Health Conditions – but for healthy dogs, in other words a Prevention Package. The Wellness and Longevity Service Provides balanced recipes – you can purchase one, two or three at a time – as well as an herbal protocol, recommendations for supplements if indicated, always geared to your unique individual, including breed predispositions, health history, activity level, age and many more nuanced factors included in your Intake form (temperament and personality, and what Western Herbalists call Constitutional Type).

I was thrilled and excited by this option, and got the write up done and on my site in short order, when I realized, many folks are feeding commercial diet, and would like support, too – ideas for optimal kibble toppers, help selecting products, plus herbs and supplement ideas – so I added a fourth option, for the Wellness and Longevity without recipes. In this way I feel I can help a wider range of dog lovers sort through the huge amount of hype and marketing and truly zero in on what THEIR unique individual needs.

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As I’ve said for over 20 years now, dogs are individuals. Just as you, your best friend, your mother-in-law and the lady at the bank you chat with weekly, do not all have the same metabolic traits and tendencies, neither do dogs. In one litter of purebreds, we can see much variance with regard to digestion, as an example, or how a dog manages stress. To best address the small but powerful differences between dogs, a thorough evaluation is essential, and the result can be a protocol vastly more sophisticated – and supportive – than simply choosing products “for anxiety” or “for antioxidants” etc.

Here’s the Full-Service Description and a link to the site. These are so much fun and so rewarding to do, let me know if you have any feedback or questions on the services, or, of course, are ready to book!

This new and comprehensive Service is available with three options.

  1. NRC balanced, personalized raw or cooked recipes (one, two or three) which will feature foods your dog enjoys and are readily accessible to you, in a large and small batch version. I’m happy to do a raw and cooked version of the same recipe or one of each; it’s entirely up to you. I utilize a whole food approach but will supplement minimally on an as needed basis.
  2. Treat recipes, snack suggestions and beneficial food additions geared to your dog – activity level, age, breed tendencies, toxin exposure, constitutional type and many more factors.
  3. One in-depth, personalized herb and supplement protocol – again, tailored to your dog’s unique tendencies and needs.
  4. Write-up detailing my choices for your dog and why I made them; considerations for long term health.
  5. My usual Information Files on ingredients, preparation methods, supplement choices, FAQs, and using herbs.
  6. One-month Check In to answer any questions/ adjust/review how your dog is doing.  Can be an email exchange or phone session as you prefer.Top of Form

Learn more here

Offering Two

I’m also delighted to announce that, after many years running the public Facebook group  Canine Nutrition and Natural Health, I am finally setting up a Membership group. This will be a unique offering – extremely low cost, comprehensive information, including recipes, nutrition news, Did You Knows and many other exclusive offerings. That said, the heart of the new group will be my ability to provide members with much more comprehensive responses to their questions than I can on the public group. We’ll analyze recipes, discuss possible strategies for health issues, take a deep dive into all the popular dietary approaches and supplements, and I’ll share in-depth herbal info such as you won’t find anywhere else on social media. Here’s the full description of all the benefits:

Introducing The Possible Canine Membership Hub

Special pricing applies until July 31, 2023. Don’t miss out! Here is what you get:

  1. Priority response (within 24 hours Monday – Saturday) from me on any herb or nutrition question, and anything to do with your own recipes, kibble choices, food and supplement options – and, to some extent, your dog. Questions that require a full consult or veterinary support will be directed accordingly.
  2. Daily presence to check in, share news articles of interest, reply to questions
  3. Regular recipes, for herb treats, methods of preparing herbs, first aid and home herbalist info and recipes as well as periodic monographs (exclusive to the Group)
  4. Regular treat recipes and toppers, special recipes for fun/special occasions (NRC balanced long-term recipes geared to the individual will still be a service separate from the group)
  5. Information on all aspects of home feeding, including substitutions, cooking/storage/alternate methods to use a recipe, supplement info (much of which will also be shared in a forthcoming e booklet to set the record straight on safety).
  6. News updates, from multiple sources, regarding food safety, recalls (although I won’t be a substitute for sites that do recalls exclusively) veterinary news, discussion topics and herbal medicine.
  7. Weekly Did-You-Know posts ranging from selecting, storing, preparing and dosing herbs to anything and everything on foods and ingredients to therapeutic management of various conditions.
  8. Discounts on all courses and consultation services.
  9. One new and hopefully exciting benefit of this group is, I’m 100% open to discussing herbs for human use, as I am a qualified clinical herbalist for HUMANS as well as dogs and will shortly be offering herbal consultations to my own clients as well as anyone who is in need.
The Possible Canine Membership Hub banner image

Plus, a healthy amount of feelgood chat and community building. And, in the future, LIVE sessions with me. Learn more here.

As of today, we are off to a great start! I look forward to building the group and providing a unique service to my membership.

This has been a long post, and so I will wrap up now with one more thing I hope will be good news for my Subscribers. The last few months I’ve been focused on sharing fairly in-depth write ups of essential nutrients, A to zinc. The idea was given to me by an Instagram follower who suggested if I am always going on about nutrients, maybe I should fill people in about how much dogs need, which foods provide them, and what can happen if they are chronically low in the diet. I figured the Newsletter was a good place for that, but my Readership disagreed. Henceforth, I’ll share the monthly write up on The Hub, and keep the Newsletter focused on lighter fare – recipes, for example, Did You Knows and nutrition/health tips.

And that’s it! Hope you have a great summer, and I’ll see some of you at the Hub.