This is a quick entry today, to announce a long-awaited offering from TPC – the Formulation Course! For many years on my yahoo and Facebook groups, I’ve been urged to set up an online class that teaches the art and science of basic dietary formulation, so those with an interest in developing their own recipes – with assurance that nothing is missing, low or excessive –  can learn to do so. The course focuses on using the National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements of Dogs as a primary source, but there will be no need to purchase the (expensive!) text, as all data is provided in the classnotes.  You will learn how to build a recipe for your own dog, from the ground up – starting with energy, protein and fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber – and how to use online tools such as the USDA database to adjust recipes, develop new ones – and always make sure what you are feeding is balanced and optimal for your unique individual canine family.

There will be a detailed course outline available by next week – the start date for this course is April 15, and pre-registrations will receive a 10% discount. Students of the Animal Herbalism course receive the same. This course does not cover therapeutic formulation,  we focus on the foundations of recipe development, supplementation, nutrient balance, food sources and preparation and bio-individuality.


In addition to the Formulation course, I am adding a short course, tentatively called “BCN Lite”. BCN refers to my popular course The Basics of Canine Nutrition, which is geared to those with a keen interest in canine nutrition, and potentially a professional one (as vet techs, behaviourists, herbalists etc). It is a comprehensive course featuring 16 modules of study; many of my grads have gone on into Advanced Studies, and work in the field of canine natural health. That said; not every student wishes to go that deeply, but might feel a  basic overview would be useful before tackling the Formulation course. To that end I am also offering the “Lite” course – just about 8 – 10 weeks of condensed nutrition study, designed to bring people up to speed before starting the Formulation course. It will be reasonably priced, and the early-registration/current student discount applies here as well.

So, there are many options. You can go straight into Formulation if you have been studying canine nutrition on your own; you can take both together; all grads of the full BCN course can start Formulation anytime. There are no audit options here! But there will be a wealth of knowledge, personal mentoring, and a great community- and I hope the  work will be of service to many who would like to homefeed, but aren’t sure they’re properly informed. I guarantee, by the end of this course, if you do the work! You won’t have those worries in future. You’ll have the tools, both to develop your own recipes, and to assess recipes and diet plans in books and on various websites as well.

Course outlines should be up this weekend. As always, contact me for more information. I’m so excited to get started !