…well, that fell by the wayside with all the other stuff I have to get done all the time. However – I do bake cookies and other treats for dogs, and once in a while I hit on a tasty and healthy delight I have to share. Today is one of those days. Fiddling around with this recipe still, but version one has been a very big success so far. Higher protein, gluten free, and with a range of healthy things you can stick in there (or not, as your dog’s tastes prefer).

First in a series of posts that won’t require a day off to read all the way through. By popular demand. 😉

Amazing Dog Cookies


ground chicken, about a cup when cooked

coconut oil, 4 Tbsps

brown rice flour, 1  3/4 cups

2 eggs

fresh blueberries, about 1/3 cup

ground ginger, I used a half teaspoon (organic from Mountain Rose Herbs)

Consider using bits of kale, oregano or basil (fresh, minced, maybe a tsp of each) dried cranberries instead of the blueberries, or even turmeric, if your dog isn’t already getting a ton of it elsewhere. 🙂


So, all I did was cook the ground chicken in a little water – gently- and drain. Mix with two beaten eggs and the oil; then stir in the flour, ginger and blueberries. I added the liquid just to get to the consistency I was seeking, about a half cup. Mix well, and chill a half hour in the fridge.

This is not a firm enough dough to roll out, at least my version wasn’t! I worked quickly with a bowl of water nearby to dip fingers into and made simple rounded shapes. Bake on a parchment-lined cookie sheet,  at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes (these took longer than I’d expected).
Then just try to keep them away from the furkids!

My next batch we will use some garden herbs and a little kale, with turmeric. Dan ate the blueberry versions but is not enthused about fruit. I’m going to add coconut flour, maybe 1/3 of a cup, and we’ll see how that goes.
So consider the basic ingredients a template, and experiment! Let me know how it goes….


Cookie of the Week