Wellness and Longevity Service – No Recipes

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This version of the Full Service does not include recipes. It is geared to the dog lover who wants the personalized herbal support, treats and toppers, and general information geared to their unique individual, but doesn’t need recipes.  You may be a kibble or commercial raw feeder, or have cooked recipes working well for your dog – but still want this specialized support. Here is what the Service will provide:


  1. Treat recipes, snack suggestions and beneficial food additions geared to your dog – activity level, age, breed tendencies, toxin exposure, constitutional type and many more factors.
  2. One in-depth, personalized herb and supplement protocol – again, tailored to your dog’s unique tendencies and needs.
  3. Write-up detailing my choices for your dog and why I made them; considerations for long term health.
  4. My usual Information Files on ingredients, preparation methods, supplement choices, FAQs, and using herbs.
  5. One-month Check In to answer any questions/ adjust/review how your dog is doing.  Can be an email exchange or phone session as you prefer.

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To start, I like to have an email or phone exchange about what you need and hope to gain, and to discuss any special concerns. Once we know the Service is right for you, you can book right on the site and will receive an Intake Form to fill, plus more detailed Information regarding the service and how it works. It’s an in-depth form, so I know everything germane to your dog, to guide me in creating the optimal plan I will be working up for him or her.

Next  - I formulate your overall strategy and send it on to you, with full detailed information on the content, a shopping list and my extensive Files on working with herbs. I’ll send your Herbal Protocol at that time – personalized, based on my 30 years as a Traditional Western Herbalist and geared to your dog’s whole history.

The last steps include sending your Treat Recipes and Recommendations, some easy to prep and some more involved, plus a list of flavonoid rich foods that can enhance your dog’s wellbeing, given his or her history and what’s in the recipes I built. I wrap up with a general commentary on  long-term health strategies,  and why I made the choices I did, so you thoroughly understand the method and ingredients/herbs.

You are welcome to email me with questions anytime during this process, and I recommend a quick check-in after a month, to make sure everything is working well – at that time I can review the diet and make any adjustments that are indicated.

I need to emphasize this is NOT a therapeutic service, and works quite differently. If your dog is facing a health issue that requires a recipe/herbal protocol geared to management of any condition, the service you need is the Therapeutic Support Package. The Wellness Package is geared to the dog without any serious health issues, to improve wellbeing now and in the future/increase longevity and minimize common challenges that arise as dogs age.

I look forward to working with you!


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