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This Tutorial operates similarly to the nutrition version, as it is completely online, run out of a Facebook group, with posted material every week and regular discussions throughout the week. This information-packed Tutorial will run from January 13 to April 10,but you will have lifetime access to the materials. We will start with an overview of herbalism, how Western Herbalism is unique and parallels, but differs from Chinese and Ayurvedic methods, then discuss the all -important terms of the trade, touch on how to prepare your own herbal medicines for your furry family, and then go into conditions associated with the body systems, herbs to consider for supporting these systems, and wrap up with a special unit on cancer and one on prevention/managing everyday issues with herbs (not covered in the previous lessons).

Classes will be Monday and Friday, from 2-4 pm Eastern do not have to be online during these times to access the information we discuss.

This is what we will be covering:

Week One – Introduction to Western Herbalism – Why herbs?? How does Western herbalism differ from Eastern? Allopathic use of herbs versus holistic

Week Two -Tools of the Trade – Actions, Energetics and Constituents – the foundation of herbalism is understanding these three elements

Weeks Three and Four – Making Medicines – Infusions/Decoctions Oils, Salves, Powders, Honeys, Electuaries and Vinegars

Weeks Five and Six – Conditions by System – The Skin, Digestive, Respiratory and Urinary Pathways of elimination Common Conditions – UTI, atopy, hot spots, yeast, gastritis, IBD, kennel cough, chronic respiratory cats, stones and crystals

Week Seven – Conditions by System – Lymphatic, Cardiovascular, Muscular/skeletal Conditions – Osteoarthritis, DCM (feline and canine)

Week Eight – Conditions by System – Immune, Reproductive, Endocrine, Nervous- Allergy, thyroid (canine and feline) Cushings/Addisons, Auto Immune disease

Week Nine – Special Unit on Cancer – Medicinal Mushrooms, Role of Diet,Choosing herbs for the individual, Herbs and chemo, Prevention

Week Ten – Herbs in everyday life – prevention of common illnesses, Maintaining good health, Parasites, Immune system, Fleas, Inflammation, Digestion/liver

Weeks Eleven and Twelve – Putting it All Together: Case studies and Review

In addition we will be looking at a range of easy-to-access, safe and effective core herbs as our basic Materia Medica, with a few spotlights every week that are most pertinent to the topic.

I’m going to just mention again right here, you DO NOT have to be online at specific times. I will be online in live chat three times throughout the week, and you would do well to make one of them, but otherwise, it is not necessary.

Here are the times (Eastern time) I will be active in the classroom:
Monday:  2- 4 pm
Friday: 2-4 pm

In addition we will be looking at a range of easy-to-access, safe and effective core herbs as our basic Materia Medica, with a few every week that are most pertinent to the topic.

Please note I cannot actually do full consultations in this setting, but will assist you with your own, whether that be starting from scratch and building, or adjustment and fine-tuning of the protocols you already have. This group will provide focused information you can rely on, and you will come away greatly empowered with detailed and clear understanding about the working with herbs on a much deeper level than the standard, pop-culture “this-for-that” approach and its very limited Materia Medica. Please feel free to email me if you have more questions, at, and check the full write up on the Tutorial on the main page of the blog as well.


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