Natural Support for Canine Cancer – an Online Tutorial


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This new tutorial will cover a great deal of ground, on the topic of canine cancer, including core nutrition, specialized diet, pros and cons of the ketogenic approach, popular herbs and supplements, understanding herbal actions, how to read your dog’s constitution and chose herbs and foods for the individual, and much more. It will run for 8 weeks, from July 3 to August 28th, and is conducted entirely in a Facebook classroom. I will be actively online twice a week for two hours each time, but it is not a live chat scenario where you have to be available during those times.  The way it works is, I post the material for the week on Monday, and then will be available twice throughout the week to discuss the topic in detail and answer questions from the group. Please note I cannot actually do full individual consultations in this setting, but will assist you with your own, as much as is possible in a tutorial context. This course will provide focused information you can rely on,  be very clear about options and distinguishing theory from proven, scientific fact, and help you develop critical thinking tools to better evaluate the plethora of Internet information, which can be so confusing. The new course outline is as follows:

Week One:  Cancer 101 – Types of cancer, Inflammation, Prevention – what we know, what we suspect and how to navigate the theories

Week Two: Canine Nutrition 101 – Understanding the Basics

Week Three: Specifics of Cancer Nutrition- alterations in metabolism, the high fat/low carb rationale, ketogenic diet,  inflammation

Week Four: Other Approaches to Diet – when high fat or keto isn’t ideal, there are many approaches to diet, and if you are facing a need to use a higher-starch, lower fat protocol, here is how to make that work

Week Five: Herbs and Supplements 101 – In this week we will look at the many popular herbs and supplements used to support canine cancer patients – including but not limited to, marine lipids, coconut oil, turmeric, probiotics, medicinal mushrooms,

Week Six: CBD oil! Since this  is such a new, powerful and widely misunderstood herb for canine cancer, I want to devote a whole week to it.

Week Seven: beyond Golden Paste (and into herbs you may not know, the power of energetics and personalized herbal formulas). We’ll discuss the importance of understanding herbal actions ( hepatotonics, cardiotonics, vasodilators, nervines, diffusives,  immunomodulators, demulcents/astringents, amphoterics, styptics, alteratives) the important difference between stimulating the immune system and modulating it, the importance of a healthy gut microbiome, how to read your own dogs constitution, and a basic introduction to energetics in the Western Herbalist Tradition.

Week Eight: a general Q&A, wrapping up all we have covered, individual suggestions (as many as I can take in the classtime)


As with my other tutorials, this one will be conducted in a Facebook group, with material posted weekly (handouts) and then an open floor for discussion. I will be in the group for live discussion and answering questions twice a week for 2 hours per session. So you will receive all the material which you can print out for future reference, plus a total of 48 hours of live time with me, and then lifetime access to the material one the session is formally over. I will be issuing a certificate of completion for this one, and if anyone decides to book a consultation with me or take a full course,  you will receive 15% off the regular fee.
The course will start Tuesday July 3  Class hours are Tuesdays, 10 – 12 pm and Thursdays, 2- 4 pm, Eastern Time.

Look for more updates here and on the Facebook page, I am truly excited to offer it to you.

My darling Luke, taken from me far too soon( hemangiosarcoma), and a great teacher on this journey of mine
Always in my heart



2 thoughts on “Natural Support for Canine Cancer – Online Tutorial”

  1. My 8 year old border collie x has Lymphoma. And he has had two rounds of chemotherapy and i also feed him natural herbs such as, tumaric powder, beetroot juice, cabbage juice, honey, calary juice, ginger, astragalus tablets and a glutamine powder. Some of these have antioxidants in them which is very good againts cancer. He was diagnosed 14 months ago and now he is doing very well. Is there anything else that may help him that you know of?

  2. Two years ago we lost our girl Harlee to Hemangiosarcoma. At that time we didn’t know what to do. We just knew it was a death sentence. Nine months ago we found out through a Senior panel that another female Golden of ours had leukemia. After Christmas this year we found blood on the floor and since we have 3 Golden’s examined all 3. Morgan, the one with leukemia and a swollen mammary gland. Brought her to Vet, she had a tumor which was biopsied and she has mammary cancer also. To add insult to injury, we are breeders. Harlee had 3 small litters. 4 of her puppies have dies of hemangiosarcoma in the past 4 months. Ranging in age from 8 to 10 years. One at 4 years old. And one has a rare form of cancer. Needless to say I do need to learn all I can about cancer in dogs.

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My days in the classroom will be Mondays , 10 am till 12 pm
and Thursdays, 2 till 4 pm. (EASTERN TIME)

All of this information and time with me will cost $50.00 USD.
Participants will receive 15% off any full course or consultation, as well as a certificate at the end of the session. I look forward to getting started!


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