Home Cooking for Dogs – an Online Tutorial


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Benefits of Home Prepared Dog Food

  1. Know exactly what you are feeding. No mystery ingredients … just wholesome real food!
  2. Better dental health throughout your pets life
  3. Glowing healthy coat and skin
  4. Healthy, robust digestive tract and immune system
  5. Potentially fewer vet bills throughout the life of your dog
  6.  You can customize meal plans to suit your dogs unique needs and preferences

This tutorial runs out of a Facebook classroom, and consists of twelve sections, as described in the write-up here: https://www.thepossiblecanine.com/home-cooking-for-your-dog-an-online-tutorial

I will be present in the classroom twice a week for two hours each time, to discuss each topic in detail and answer questions from the group. This tutorial will provide focused information you can rely on, work with and utilize. I endeavour to make it enjoyable and easy to follow at the same time it will be thorough and detailed. There are no assignments, but plenty of exercises and weekly discussions.

I will be “live” in the classroom twice a week, for discussion time but will collect and answer questions asked in between those times. Although I am going to be in the group twice a week, it is not a live webinar where you need to be actually online at those times. You could, for example, post a question Monday morning, whatever you are seeking help with. When I come into the group on Tuesday for the session, I answer the question for you – if you are there to chat as we go, great! If not, my answer will be recorded on the group (as with anything on Facebook) and you can read it, ask for more detail, ask another one – at your leisure. So – no set times! You can avail yourself of all the information and teaching without ever once being logged in during the sessions.

The schedule/times I will be active in the group are as follows: – Tuesday, 2 – 4 pm –  Thursday, 2 – 4 pm Both classes are Eastern Time, too.
The cost of the Tutorial is $100. We are running an early bird special till February 16, 2020, for half price, just $50.00.

Any questions, please feel free to use my Contact Sheet (on the home page) and send it to my email address. I will get back to you promptly.

The course begins Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Please check your spam folder after purchase if you do not see the link to join!


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