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Herbal consultation for your dog

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Herbal  Consultation

If you are happy with your current diet, but want to investigate the healing and preventive power of herbs and natural supplements, I offer an Herbal Consultation explicitly dealing with your dog’s needs.

As with the dietary consultations, you will need to fill in a detailed questionnaire and provide me with photographs as needed. I will make recommendations for using herbs and supplements to target any specific health conditions, support body systems, bolster overall well being and enhance quality of life for all dogs, all life stages, all health conditions. Herbs are selected with great care and 30 years knowledge/experience, are always safe with any medication your dog may be on, and will work both quickly to relieve symptoms and over time, to restore balance and healing.

I work in the Western Herbal Tradition, which is often  confused with Western allopathic medicine. The Western Herbal Tradition has ancient roots, and utilizes modern science to  work optimally with diets that are also science based, such as NRC-balanced therapeutic recipes. Formulas are not predetermined but developed for the individual dog, according to multiple factors, including health issues, vaccination/medication history, apparent sensitivities, constitutional type (yes, we use energetics in the Western Tradition, too) and any medications in use. This method enables me to adjust proportions and dosage of each herb as we monitor your dog’s response. I also offer options, various forms of delivering the herbs to your dog, and utilize the very best sources for obtaining them. Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have before booking – I look forward to hearing from you.



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