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In response to a very great number of questions, inquiries and requests for help, I have set up an online nutrition tutorial, running from July 1 to August 26, 2018. The tutorial runs out of a Facebook classroom, and consists of eight sections, beginning with how to ascertain and meet your dog’s caloric needs; each subsequent week covers a specific nutrient group (carbohydrates, protein/amino acids, fats/fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) with the last two weeks focused on  formulating the recipes.  I will be present in the classroom twice a week for two hours each time, to discuss the topic in detail and answer questions from the group. Please note I cannot actually develop recipes in this setting, but will assist you with your own, whether that be starting from scratch and building, or adjustment and fine-tuning of the recipes you already have. This group will provide focused information you can rely on, including the nutrient requirements of the dog (adult, geriatric) food sources, bioindividuality, pros and cons of some of the trendier foods, and nutrient balancing and interaction. You will come away greatly empowered with detailed and clear understanding about the process of  formulating a balanced canine diet. NOTE: prey model/ratio feeders  may find the information useful, but this is a very different method, and may not be suitable for your needs. Email me (there is a contact sheet on the main page) if you want to discuss.

What does the Tutorial cover?

The idea here is to move beyond vague ideas about “fresh foods” and into a deeper understanding of how nutrition works – the essentials your dog needs, the amounts he or she requires for health, and how it may be more complicated to meet these requirements, than simply using a variety of foods, a few simplistic guidelines and hoping for the best.
Many readers know I have offered a comprehensive online course for several years now, that guides the student through the NRC (National Research Council, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs) method of formulating balanced recipes. This course has been popular with dog lovers who simply want to understand nutrition beyond the pop-culture level, as well as those who want to work with dogs professionally, formulating recipes to NRC Guidelines. The Tutorial I am offering utilizes the same information as the full course, but in a relaxed, non-academic setting (a Facebook group).

No assignments, just discussions, Q and A and an overview of the method. It’s true that some people can figure out how to work with the NRC all on their own, while others prefer the full study program with all that entails – the Tutorial can work for those “in the middle” as a boost to current knowledge, a way of interacting with a mentor but not going through all the commitment of a full course. It can also act as an introduction to the concept of nutrient essentiality and how to achieve balance, or it can be an adjunct to those studying formally.

Although I am going to be in the group twice a week, it is not a live webinar where you need to be actually online at those times. You could, for example, post a question Monday morning, whatever you are seeking help with. When I come into the group on Tuesday for the session, I answer the question for you – if you are there to chat as we go, great! If not, my answer will be recorded on the group (as with any thing on Facebook) and you can read it, ask for more detail, ask another one – at your leisure.
So – no set times! You can avail yourself of all the information and teaching without ever once being logged in during the sessions.

The schedule/times I will be active in the group are as follows:

– Monday, 1 pm to 3 pm

–  Wednesday, 10 am to 12 pm

Both classes are Eastern Time, too.

The cost of the Tutorial is $60.00 after June 1. From now until June 1, it is $45.00.

I look forward to getting started. 🙂


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