Canine Diet Formulation – course B

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Canine Nutrition – Diet Formulation course (unmentored)

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Canine Diet Formulation  – unmentored

This is a course intended for people who want to learn how to formulate a balanced canine diet, whether raw, cooked or a mix, based on sound principles of canine nutrition.

It includes a basic foundation in digestion and an overview of the various components of the canine diet, but does not go into this material as deeply as the Basics in Canine Nutrition course does.  It encourages critical thinking, so you can evaluate various diets and methods of feeding, and choose one to suit an individual dog.  You learn to formulate balanced diets, containing all the essential macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrate) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and select suitable foods to provide those essentials.

The course is done entirely online.  This is the unmentored version.

All course materials provided, with discussion and support via our private Facebook group.  However, no marking of assignments or individual feedback is given; this is provided only with the full mentored version.

There are 12 units.  The course includes reading, study and research.  You can complete the course in your own time, but I highly recommend sticking to a regular schedule of study.


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