BCN Full + CDF Full + Practical Herbalism Part One

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For the aspiring professional nutritionist or, for someone who just really wants to know about all aspects of canine nutrition.

Basics of Canine Nutrition- Full Certificate Course

Basics of Canine Nutrition

Certificate course with marked assignments.

Practical Herbalism Part One - Common Canine Conditions - Modules 1 - 8

Practical Herbalism - Part One

This covers the first eight modules of the Practical Herbalism course. Modules 9 - 16 coming soon.

Canine Diet Formulation - Full Course

Canine Nutrition - Diet Formulation course (Mentored)

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A tremendous opportunity for a complete education in nutrition, diet and herbal formulation.

We have bundled all three of our flagship courses together aimed at people who want to become professional animal nutritionists. This bundle will not last forever so take advantage of this opportunity soon!

Canine Diet Formulation course – Mentored

This is a course intended for people who want to learn how to formulate a balanced canine diet, whether raw, cooked or a mixture, based on sound, scientific principles of canine nutrition.

Basics of Canine Nutrition- Full Certificate Course

This course is the foundation for all the others.  Here we learn about canine nutrition from the ground up, starting with digestion, nutrients and food sources, basic nutrient requirements of dogs, as well as an evaluation of feeding types (commercial diet, raw diets and home cooked recipes).

Practical Herbalism- Common Canine Conditions

You will find an absolute wealth of information here, including recipes, practical exercises you can do long after the course is finished, as well as detailed information about addressing common ailments at home with commercial or better yet, your own home made tinctures, electuaries, poultices and salves.


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