Recently I’ve been receiving messages  here, on Facebook and by email, all of which lament the idea that the Practical Herbalism course is “now closed” and all asking when it will start up again. In light of what appears to be a major misunderstanding, here’s a few straightforward facts about the course as things stand now.

  • The course is still open and will always be open – meaning, right NOW there is a pre-sale, a significant discount ($200.00 savings) but once that has passed and the course has launched, it will still be available – just at the regular price
  •   The course will launch between June 1  and June 15, depending on how fast I can work and how many  unexpected computer issues I have to deal with    (knock wood, no more!) Updates are posted on my Page here:
  •   The course is all done online, and is suitable for all levels of herbalists,from the beginner who simply wants to know more (from the perspective of a  herbalist who works fulltime with animals) to the trained herbalist working with humans or other species, who wants to go deeper into canine conditions and formulations for health.


I’m always happy to chat with you as well, if the Outline doesn’t cover your question. Use the Contact form on the main page and drop me a line.


Mullein, Verbascum thapsus,  is popularly known for making an infused oil for the ear, using the flowers, and many  people know that the leaves are useful with some types of respiratory distress, notably a raw, dry cough/sore throat. Looking at the full range of actions Mullein offers us, we can see how limited this is; I use mullein both internally and externally for lymphatic congestion/swollen glands, for a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems,  with incontinence related to recurrent UTI, and as a relaxing nervine too, especially for dogs who seem depressed and tense at the same time. One of many gentle-yet-powerful herbs  we will explore indepth in the course.