A quick entry today to let  you know there is a new feature at the Facebook group Canine Nutrition and Natural Health. Given the volume of questions that get lost in the fast-paced world of Facebook, I’ve put a pinned post at the top of the page where members can ask anything they would like me to address. (Bearing in  mind that the group has a whole lot of knowledgeable folks who can help with so much!)

I will pick a selection every month and address in some detail in the Newsletter, and if there is need, I’ll address some of them right here. To access this free service, you need to do two things; one, join the Facebook group, and two,sign up for the Newsletter!  I can’t always be on the group to respond right away, so this means I can handle anything people need in a way that allows me time for a proper response – and can be of service to others as well.

First, here’s the Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/756709917722083/

and, while there is a SignUp form on the main page of this site, I’ll share it here again:


Every issue of the Newsletter will have a mini-monograph on a specific herb; a recipe for something special, often herbal! a section on cancer, from dietary tips to the rundown on popular supplements; and now, the Q&A.

Quality, not Quantity – there’ll only be one a month, but it will be worth saving and opening.