Any of you who have followed me on Twitter or Facebook know that I am passionate about supporting the rescue efforts of animal welfare activists in Asia, both individuals like Mrs. Yang and groups like Soi Dog, Duo Duo and  AnimalsAsia. I know that the shock  and sense of helplessness we experience when confronted with images of horror, have turned many way from the cause – and I completely understand the need to protect one’s heart!  After the Yulin “Festival” was over I felt I needed to do something more than participate in tweetstorms and calling embassies. Hence, I decided I would donate 10% of my income from two of my courses, for a period of a year, to a group or individual in need.  I settled on Mrs. Yang, because she has braved the horrors of Yulin on her own, stood up to much ridicule and harassment, and brought back as many dogs as she could  every year-  and is running on empty to keep them going. I also decided to kick off my year of donations with a sale – which may be of interest to those of you wanting to take one of the courses.

For two weeks, that’s today (July 20) until August3, the Basics of Canine Nutrition will be $400.00 (a significant discount from the usual $600.00) and the Formulation course will be just $250.00. Details on these courses can be found here and here

Please send me an email if you are interested in the discounted price – as this offer is two weeks only I am not posting changing the existing links in the Shop, but the offer applies to any new student during the time frame above.

If you are not interested in a course but want to support Mrs. Yang, please donate here:

I chose this site about Mrs Yang because it does not depict the actual torture of dogs or any sickening images:


Some links worth knowing:




Bless you, Mrs. Yang,  and all the Asian activists. Let dog and cat lovers from all over the world add our voices to your cause, and open our pockets to help as much as we can.