This message is first and foremost directed to my clients, both current and recent (last few years) who are too numerous to reach individually, whose dogs are eating one or more of my therapeutic recipes. First let me say that anyone who needs specific advice, whose dog is on a strict recipe such as we might use with some types of liver disease,or who requires a personalized herbal protocol and is running out of herbs, please don’t hesitate to email me asap! I will make every effort to reply promptly and help if you are stuck.

And, of course, the reason we may not all be able to access our needed supplies is, the situation with COVID-19.  Clients are writing to tell me they can’t get their usual type/cut of meat, or fish, or yogurt –  or sweet potatoes, quinoa,the list goes on – any number of ingredients they rely on for their dog’s daily diet. And while some of these foods can be made up for with others, I hardly have time to adjust a few hundred recipes quickly. So,  a few general guidelines below and again – if your dog has a serious health issue, and we rely on consistency – epilepsy, diabetes, some cancers, renal failure, liver shunt, allergies, bladder stones – or as is often the case, a few of these – EMAIL ME. The suggestions here are generic and your dog is not, so let’s tackle what we can.

Puppy clients, too – email and I will help with an appropriate commercial food, if you cannot find what you need for your recipe…in some cases, a new recipe may be an option, too, using what you can find.

1) Anyone feeding a proactive recipe, if you cannot find suitable substitutes for an ingredient (referring to the General Dietary Guidelines) then  I recommend finding a commercial product to use in place of the home prepared, for the time in which you can’t locate what you need. We will be adding a File on this at the group, Canine Nutrition and Natural Health. I can’t take a lot of emails on this, because I need to prioritize therapeutic clients, but we can help at the group. hopefully shortages will be short term, but I do stress that foods like beef liver and kidney cannot just be omitted, longterm, and changing fat content of ground beef can dramatically affect calories as well as vitamin and mineral content.
Commercial diet help and support here:

2) For those feeding a therapeutic recipe, ingredients often need to be very specific, and it can be stressful and worrisome if they are suddenly unavailable. In that case – two things: a)  please contact me, and if I can adjust the recipe using ingredients you can obtain, or supplements for the time being, I will, and b) consider using a prescription diet for the time being. While we prefer a fresh food diet formulated to your dog’s specific needs, if the ingredients are unavailable,default to an appropriate canned or dry food. It won’t be forever, and since the first consideration for nutritionally-responsive conditions is correct nutrient levels,  that’s the compromise you *may* need to make. I will endeavour to adjust recipes as I can, but in the event I am too backed up to get to you quickly, the prescription food is the way to go. Obviously if you have an alternative recipe – most clients have at least two – you can switch to the second one..hopefully without a struggle to find ingredients.

3) For those using one of my herbal protocols – I can attest (after just now spending close to three hours tracking down products that are usually readily available) you may find that some herbs, tinctures, formulas I have your dog on, are out of stock – please don’t panic! in many protocols there are  the more essential components and the support players – I may well be able to help you find an alternative to what you cannot find. In this case, email me right away and I will help. Some herbs can and even should be given a break periodically, while others are important to use consistently (cardiovascular cases and cancer come to mind).

What not to do – take advice from Internet Groups that may not know the particulars of your dog’s case, and often promote a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition.
Also – don’t panic. 🙂  Between me and the wonderful team at CNNH, we will get you sorted,and let’s stay optimistic things will return to normal, soon.