The new “Lite” version of the popular Basics of Canine Nutrition course, that is! By popular demand – I have developed an 8- module version of the more intensive course, which covers much of the same material in a more abbreviated format, and is specially geared to those who wish to learn the basics thoroughly without the investment in the full, 18 module programme. Here is a basic outline of what we will be covering.

This specially-designed course of study is suited to those who have an interest in knowing more about canine nutrient requirements and digestion, identifying food sources of various nutrients, nutritional strategies for specific health problems, and generally making sound nutritional choices for their own dog throughout the course of his or her life. It is an introductory, but very thorough course; for those interested in ongoing study and learning the art of dietary formulation, it can serve as pre-requisite for the Advanced Nutrition programme as well.

1) Introduction and Overview – what is wrong with commercial diet? What you need to know before starting to home feed; resources for lifelong learning, myths and misperceptions about canine nutrition
2) Canine Digestion and Energy Requirements – from teeth to tail, the dog is a unique animal insofar as he is  not an omnivore and not an obligate carnivore, but is biologically adaptable with a preference for animal fats and proteins. Learn the facts about digestion and anatomy, and  why you should not consider all dogs as one animal, but factor  individuality into your understanding

3) Nutrient Requirements Part One – Carbs, Fats and Protein – What are the canine requirements for macronutrients? The best sources? Is plant fiber necessary? What type is optimal? Can you feed too much protein? This module covers it all.

4) Nutrient Requirements Part Two – Vitamins and Minerals – Dogs, like all animals, have specific requirement levels for vitamins and minerals. How much of each one, and  which foods supply them is the focus of this module.

5) Commercial Diet – This topic can be such a minefield for many people – is premium food really so much better, given the recalls? How does one evaluate a food? What nutrient percentages should we look for, which ingredients are best? Questions about commercial diet flood my Inbox every day – and this module will help you make sense of it all.

6) Home Prepared Diet – Here we get into raw and cooked home made diets – various philosophies, core knowledge (all diets must meet nutrient requirements, all digestive systems are not created equally) so much information in this module, you will come away with total clarity on this often misunderstood topic

7) Life Stage and Special Considerations – Growing dogs and seniors, active dogs and sedentary, obesity and problems keeping weight on – while the topic of therapeutic nutrition is covered in the advanced courses, here we look at the special needs of dogs based on age and activity, and how optimal nutrition can make all the difference throughout life

8) Supplementing the Healthy Dog – how to use supplements for a healthy adult dog; enhancing a commercial diet.. are supplements really necessary? If so, which ones? What can be added for prevention of various common conditions, what might be actually detrimental? We’ll use your own dogs as case studies here and go more deeply into  trendy additions like coconut oil, turmeric, krill and fish body oil joint support, and much more.

Completion of this course does not entitle you to work with dogs as a nutrition professional; however, it
will greatly expand your understanding of the field; my goal is to provide a solid, sophisticated and
impartial basis for ongoing nutrition studies. I will be providing a list of suggested materials as well for
those who wish to delve more deeply into the subject.
A certificate of completion will be sent out at the end of the programme. Above all, I want people to
enjoy this program – feedback is always welcome from students.  And lastly – as with the Introduction to Animal Herbalism Course – I am offering a reduced tuition fee as an Introductory bonus. The course will be (regular rate) $300.00 and you will need one text; until September 1 I am offering the BCN Lite course for just $200.00.

For more information or to register, please contact me at You can start anytime you are ready. 🙂