I’m so excited to announce  that the GREAT herb site www.herbmentor.com  will be featuring my articles in their new Herbs For Animals column. Initially, we talked about using blog entries from this site, but I’ve decided to write totally new content on a variety of topics – which will include herbs for felines, and possibly other animals as we progress. For now, those deeply interested in the topic of herbs (for all species, including our own) will find no better resource on the Internet than herbmentor. The short courses, articles and regular contributors are selected from among the finest herbalists in North America. I am just thrilled to be contributing – and maybe,  I’ll see some of my regular readers there too.

Upcoming topics will include herbs for canine and feline respiratory and urinary tract problems, dealing with cancer, heart disease, skin problems/atopy, IBD (in cats and dogs) how to read animal constitution, herbs for liver support (selection, formulation, dosage, delivery) and more.