This morning I am pleased to share a recipe from a good friend and former student of mine, Ellyn Grubbe of Denmark. Ellyn completed both my Basic Nutrition course and the Advanced Canine Nutrition programme at CASI,  has been a keen nutrition student as long as I’ve known her – and is now a consultant in her own right. Ellyn uses the NRC Guidelines along with extensive food knowledge and understanding of the canine digestive system/requirements to develop recipes that are wholesome, balanced and personalized. She knows I’m under the gun with work and study but wanted to get some recipes up here for people to try, so she graciously volunteered to help. Many thanks Ellyn- good work as always! We invite questions and comments – especially if you plan to actually try the diet. 🙂



Ellyn’s beautiful Bella, one of my earliest client cases and a  teacher for us both


One Week Recipe for a 25 Pound Dog:

Basically, this recipe uses the same foods that Cat has used for a 50 pound dog which I hope you will read if you haven’t already for some good, basic information on home feeding. I have adjusted the recipe to fit the needs of a 25 lb moderately active, healthy dog. The rationale is to show that you cannot just divide the recipe for a 50 pound dog in half and meet the caloric and nutritional needs for a 25 pound dog. Likewise, you cannot double the recipe for a 100 lb dog. Otherwise, I have used the same foundational steps used in the original recipe:

25 pounds = 11.36 kilograms (25/2.2 = 11.36)

11.36 ^ 0.75 = 6.187 = 6.19 (metabolic weight).

6.19 X 130 = 804.7 calories per day. Like Cat I usually start lower so I will subtract 20% from those calories for about 644 calories per day or 4508 calories per week. This recipe contains 384.1 grams of protein, 173.3 grams of fat and 338.6 grams of carbohydrate and breaks down percentage wise as 34.5% ME from protein, 35% ME from fat and 30.4% ME from carbohydrate.

The Recipe:

800 grams (5.7 cups) of Turkey, dark meat w. skin, roasted, chopped or diced

252 grams (3 cans) water-packed sardines, drained and mashed

175 grams (ca 6.25 oz) poached beef heart, chopped or diced

50 grams (ca.1.8 oz) poached and diced beef liver

600 grams (ca. 3.1 cups) well cooked brown rice

1000 grams (ca 3 cups) boiled sweet potato, mashed

75 grams (1/3 cup + 1 tbsp) well cooked lentils

80 grams (½ cup) broccoli florets, steamed and chopped or lightly mashed

All of the above foods are COOKED weights. Combine and mix thoroughly. To this batch you must add the following 4 supplements, they are not optional. You can use another brand of course as long as the amount and type are comparable.

2.4 teaspoons eggshell, dried and powdered

1 +1/4 teaspoon dicalcium phosphate from Monica Segal

1256 mcg iodine (I use kelp from Monica Segal that gives 1153 mcg/tsp but any kelp product with a declared amount of iodine should be fine)

40 mg zinc (i.e. 4 tbl. zinc gluconate á 10 mg from Monica Segal).

Mix again thoroughly and divide into 7 portions, 1 for each day, and freeze.

Each day you must also add the following 3 supplements (they cannot be frozen with the food) and are not optional:

200 IU of a natural Vitamin E

1 teaspoon organic, extra virgin coconut oil

½ of a vitamin B complex – standard B50.

Vitamin D drops á 80IU/2mcg per drop as follows: Monday + Wed. + Fri. = 2 drops; Tues. + Thurs. + Sat. + Sun. = 1 drop.

Brands at your own discretion as long as they provide the correct amount.

Take a look at Cats recipe for a 50 lb. dog for a bit of preparation and storage guidance as well as optional supplement recommendations.