Every other day or so I receive an email from someone trying to find out when the “next session” of the Basic Nutrition course or the Intro to Animal Herbalism will be starting. I feel I have failed to convey the reality – they are both, always, open for enrollment. Both courses are self-paced, online and ongoing – I am here as mentor and guide but you work at your own pace, and hand in assignments as you are able. Some students finish in a shorter period of time because they are working toward some form of employment in the field, as nutrition consultant or herbalist or both (and yes, there WILL be Advanced courses on both topics, eventually). So please feel free to email me with any questions you may have – I hope in future that some of the tweaks we’ll be making to the site here will offer more clarity on the courses and the consultations(which are also online) and make it easier for prospective students to access information!  Course details may be seen  here  and here 

I might add that both courses, while  they are named “Basic” and “Introductory” are very comprehensive and thorough, laying essential groundwork for advanced knowledge as well as providing a vast amount of useful information  for daily application. Whether you are a dog lover who would just like to know more, and separate the facts from fantasy/hype about nutrition, or a serious student working towards a career in animal care, or a vet tech, trainer, retailer –  you will find the courses useful in everyday life as well as professionally. I aim to mix practical work with academic study, and encourage critical thinking.

So please – no need to wait or ask to be put on a list – if this work is right for you, the courses are open and ready when you are.

Have a very happy Summer Solstice!