A little offering from me (and this may well be the shortest blog entry ever, in the history of The Possible Canine) over at the Facebook Page (which  you can access here):  https://www.facebook.com/ThePossibleCanine/

What we’ll do, every Monday, is look at nutrient requirements, A to zinc, how to provide them at optimal levels in your dog’s diet, and if time allows we can run a quick analysis on various recipes. (The Facebook group can always do some of this, but on Mondays I will make myself available all day at the Page as well) This is the very foundation of what a nutritionist does, but you too, can gain the knowledge and use the skill for FAR greater control over your dog’s diet than simply using “fresh foods” – without the math –  will give you.


Worried your home made recipe might be low in zinc? In magnesium, one of the B vitamins, in calcium? Shortchanging your dog on any of the essentials will greatly diminish the value of a recipe, in many cases to a serious degree. But it’s not necessary to trade off a complete and balanced diet (commercial) for one using fresh foods but based on variety and guesswork. That’s why I’m holding Do the Math Mondays, for all your true dogfood nerds who want to supply optimal nutrition, learn the basics of formulation, along with all your good ingredients.
And of course, for the dogs.