Hello, Readers! This is just a quick reminder that the Cooking Course starts next week- the most comprehensive course of its type you will find anywhere – with information far beyond using the NRC values, and including food science,wet vs dry methods of cooking, preservation of nutrients and phytochemicals, storage and nutrient loss, safety of cooking utensils and ideal choices, food combining,better and worse utensil choices, handy calculator tools including finding your dog’s nutrient requirements, cooking yield from raw, transitioning your dog from kibble or raw, how to combine cooked diet with raw and or kibble, an overview of plant compounds that can benefit your dog above and beyond nutritional needs, and of course – how to put it all together and formulate optimized recipes for your dog.

My own nutritional journey began in the 70s! and something I believe strongly in, is the power of diet to help prevent disease. We will cover use of common culinary herbs as well as foods, and how they can be used in a whole body approach to nutrition, working with your dog’s breed/background,selecting foods geared to his/her constitutional type..and more. Truly a one of a kind course, if I may say so myself.
And a few spaces left.

Read more here:Home Cooking for your Dog – an Online Tutorial

And, let’s get cooking!