Good morning, all and I hope you are well and healthy in these challenging times.  This entry is later than planned, as I continue to struggle with the loss of my heart-and-soul dog Daniel, whose image is all over this site, last February (there is a blog memorial coming as soon as I am able).  Because this entry, and thus promotion of my sale bundles is late, I will extend the sale till May 1st – these bundles are too fabulous to miss, if I say so myself.  The short version is, you can now take all three courses – the foundational Basics of Canine Nutrition, the Dietary Formulation (no spreadsheet required) AND the Practical Herbalism course ($1000.00 value STILL on sale for just 250.00) at half price, if you purchase all three.

There are great deals for the two nutrition-only courses too – but just till May 1st.

Have a look here:

….and as always, feel free to contact me, through the link on the site, or directly at

I hope this year is treating you all well, and you are moving into the Spring with good health and high spirits.