The Possible Canine is a name that came to me in 2003, when I was casting about for something unique for my website…something that would convey the totality of what I was then, and am now trying to achieve. I was reading a book called The Possible Human, by Jean Houston, and saw an immediate parallel – we humans are not all we could be, in health and other areas, and our dogs can be healthier, happier and longer lived as well.

I like it because it expresses both the positive energy of reaching forward toward the goal of superb health and wellbeing for dogs, and carries within it the seed of humility; that we are indeed always learning, reaching and striving for more knowledge. As soon as we declare that we have all the answers, we stop learning and growing, and potentially miss so much. I have been studying nutrition informally since my late teens, formally since 2001, and will keep going as long as I am able. Despite many years of experience with thousands of clinical cases, spanning a variety of nutritionally responsive conditions from allergy/intolerance to IBD to diabetes and renal disease – I continue to research, study, learn and grow. If there is any single thing I stand for, it’s a refusal to become theory bound and stagnant. I remember too many stages and phases in our understanding of nutrition, that have now become obsolete, to believe we currently know all there is, or that any one approach to feeding dogs is universally optimal.  As I often used to say on my original yahoo group – there’s the science – there’s the theory – and then, there’s the dog in front of you. Wonderful to hear so many others using that phrase now too!

My approach is science- based, but geared to the individual, and always open to new information and  knowledge.

After two decades in this work, and ongoing study in both nutrition and herbalism, I am as excited as ever to offer services, courses, as well as free materials here and in my Newsletter and on social media.

This site, and my work, is dedicated to my all my dogs, past and present.