I’ve been intending for a couple of weeks to get a new entry up, regarding my back injury, which is both healing well and more complicated than we initially thought – lots of sympathy email from fellow sufferers! but as soon as I was able to get working, I had to focus on clients, and getting the tutorials in order – and guess what? I didn’t get to update the site.

I promise I will soon. My health odyssey is a good example of how we caregivers/businesswomen/self employed/lifelong students can get so run down and so reliant on propping ourselves up to keep going, we lose sight of the very things we actually need to be strong, balanced and capable in our work and life.

Well, no more of that for me. But this post is about the Herbal Tutorial starting in January – ok, it already started last year, but then my life blew up with one health challenge after another, all classic responses to stress and overwork – so it’s starting over again, in January. Already loaded with my material, there will be more to come and I will be able to host the bi-weekly classes. I’m looking forward to it and I know many enrolled students are as well. Now I am offering it at 50% off, again, to anyone who missed the opportunity last year.

For those who don’t know what this is or how it works, the full write up is here:Fall Course – Introduction to Herbalism for Cats and Dogs

…and,later today or tomorrow, I’m posting some more detail about what this course entails, WHY it will be useful for both newcomers and  more experienced herbalists alike and a fair bit more on the bonus, too, a four part mini course on Winter Herbs..featuring recipes….surviving winter…expressly for US!

Immune supportive chai blends and chocolates, herbal honeys and syrups, warming…everything…<3

I’m looking forward to this, and renewed health and wellbeing…taking selfcare seriously…and sharing with you. Feel free to ask questions, here or in email, catlane@thepossiblecanine.com.

Happy Holidays!